I’m a host and reporter at Planet Money, the NPR show that explains our economy. I joined at the end of 2019, after spending 5 years as a reporter at WNYC, the NPR station in New York.

I have been reporting and producing for podcasts and public radio for almost 20 years and have worked on staff at Radiolab, Marketplace, United States of Anxiety, and in the WNYC newsroom. My stories can be heard on NPR, the BBC, On The Media, Marketplace, the New Yorker Radio Hour, the CBC, Studio 360 and more.

I am also on the faculty of the Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, where I teach audio/radio reporting.

You can email me at aaronczyk at npr dot org or follow me at @aronczyk, where I am wearing my glasses.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Amanda, I heard your story about little Joey, I had to leave the U.S. with my Son and do immune in Leuven Belgium. its new here, as of 2012, Professor Stefaan Van Gool was already doing it for 10 years using the patients tumor itself. Not why I’m contacting you, for the past year I’ve been investigating clinical trials in this country. 83% have no results posted about what happened to patients that entered these studies. I isolated 6 years in my stats. 1,797,089 people entered studies it those 6 years, 1,433,320 people are still unreported. NO RESULTS. According to Congressman Lance’s DC office, I managed to force the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking out and open to public comment. Only 9 days left as of the date of this message. Everything is posted on my website. http://www.fixcancernow.com That will take you to an instruction page, if you click on the home page button at the top, you see letters down the left side of the home page under my son’s picture, read the first letter I sent to the NIH, you’ll understand the magnitude of the problem in this country. A cure for anything will never be found if all the information is kept concealed about patient responses to experimental drugs. Not posting results within 12 months from the end of a trial is in Violation of Federal Law. When I inquired with the NIH and FDA, they both , especially the FDA admit to intentionally violating federal law. All the letters are there, read it for yourself.
    It would make a nice continuation to your story.
    Larry Lightner
    Long Valley NJ
    917-613-0432 if you wish to talk.

  2. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard you reporting on cancer on WNYC — a serious subject with a dignified, eloquent voice! No uptick, no verbal fry, no studied pauses or trills, none of the moronic tics of the usual NPR female journalists. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your work, but especially for your civilized voice.

  3. I am the CMO of a company that is building databases of evidence (ie: survival data) for the cancer society. call me if you want the real story/solution behind “getting accurate survival data to cancer patients”.

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